Thursday, January 27, 2011

On Kash Heed and the RCMP contract

Two useful editorials in the Times Colonist today.

Heed's tainted election

"Liberal MLA Kash Heed is trying to escape the consequences of illegal campaign actions by pleading ignorance. It is a defence that cannot be allowed to stand, as it undermines the basic principles of fairness and democracy."

Read more here.

Changes needed in RCMP deal

"Citizens have a right to demand two things from police - accountability and a commitment to learn from mistakes and address problems. The RCMP has, so far, failed to meet the required standard.

The force's official response to its handling of the Robert Pickton case is disturbing. It raises serious doubts about the RCMP's willingness to change."

That editorial is here.


I'm no extremist said...

Funny how the same tactics can be used for so many years. We the public really deserve what we get for being so stupid.

Anonymous said...

The RCMP's reaction to the Robert Pickton fiasco can be directly measured by their current actions in the 'Highway of Tears' case.

The RCMP are actually doing less in the north than the abysmal little they did stumbling after Pickton.

The RCMP have not earned the right to have their mandate renewed.

Anonymous said...

Every minute longer that Heed clings to his apparently undeserved political office he brings further disgrace on himself, on the BC Liberals (who haven't booted him out), and on the state of Democracy in BC. Whether his pathetic plea of ignorance can deflect any blame he should resign - if only to save what's left of any honour he's still believed worthy of.

It seems that Kash Heed and his legal team have been kicking Elections B.C. back and forth for quite some time now, like some kind of Toothless Tiger. What message is that sending to future political campaign managers who might be inclined to less than honourable and scrupulous tactics?

Raymond Graham