Sunday, January 23, 2011

Christy Clark's baffling campaign

A couple of items last week raised questions about Christy Clark's campaign positions.
Over at, Jody Paterson reprints a Clark release on the role of non-profits and comments:.

"Here's Christy Clark on...what, exactly? I do quite a bit of work with the non-profit sector and am familiar with the initiatives she mentions here, but I still couldn't make heads or tails out of what the Liberal leadership candidate was actually saying in this news release."

And Les Leyne of the Times Colonist tried to puzzle out what Clark was actually saying about the HST referendum. Her explanations were nearly incomprehensible. His conclusion was summed up by the column's headline.

"One flaw in Clark's HST plan: It's nuts"

Kevin Falcon's promise to solve Victoria's traffic congestion - something he never paid any attention to in five years as transportation minister - also gets a look in the Times Colonist, in an editorial.

Meanwhile, an important and concrete commitment from George Abbott hasn't got much attention.
Abbott has pledged to bring in civilian oversight for the RCMP.
More significantly, he's also said the current RCMP policing contract should be extended for two years to ensure that the oversight actually happens and is included in the agreement. He also says the delay in signing a new 20-year deal would allow recommendations from the inquiry into the missing women case to be included in the contract.
The government seems intent on rushing into a new long-term commitment; Abbott offers a smarter, more responsible course.
His release is here.


DPL said...

Of all the Campbell followers I figure Abbott is the most sane. I noticed on Voice of BC when asked who was going to run the Liberal gang, Baldrey, the always Liberal sympathizer called it for George. Falcon is a bit of a wing nut for sure( remember the time he went ballistic when some fellow was going to commit suicide off the Iron workers bridge, and falcon complained about the delay in traffic. Christy is way to close to the BC Rail giveaway. DeJong is involved in the Basi Basi and Verk lottery win.

Brenton said...

FYI: the last link, ostensibly to Abbott's release, goes to the TC editorial.

paul said...

Thanks; fixed it.

Kyla T. said...

Last week I got a call from someone asking my support for Christy Clark. I have no idea why they phoned me since I have never been a member of any political party or donated to any candidate in my life.

In the spiel, she pitched Christy as the candidate with the best chance of defeating the NDP. I asked, "But what if I don't want the NDP defeated?" She was taken aback and wondered why anyone wouldn't want the Liberals to win. I said I wouldn't want another Liberal leader like Campbell and started a long list of things he has done that I didn't like.

She sputtered for a bit then hung up on me.

Pretty clueless IMO. If they want me to support a Liberal candidate, they need to give me some concrete policy ideas I can get behind and not just be someone who claims they keep the NDP boogeyman at bay.