Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How serious is campaign spending oversight?

The Kash Heed affair is covered well elsewhere.
But a review of his affidavit material suggests a casual/sloppy attention to financial reporting.
The auditor's report on campaign finances, attached to the affidavit, was prepared by Robert Ikoma, the Burnaby chartered accountant who signed the opinion.
The heading says it's the "Auditor's Report on Kash Heed's Election Financing Report Pursuant to the Election Act."
But in the first paragraph, the auditor refers to the financial agent for Linda Reid, another Liberal candidate.
It looks like a standard form letter was prepared and candidates' names pasted in as needed.
And not, as this gaffe indicates, with any great care.


DPL said...

So Gordo's star candidate turned out not to be a star.Wonder when he will be removed?

Anonymous said...

It seemes he spent the money to spread lies to the Chinese people in his riding.Heed needs to go.

Anonymous said...

Folks are forgetting that Heed was under investigation as Chief, but the case was dropped when he quit the WVPD to run for the MLA position.

Where does the BC Liberal leadership campaign money come from?

So far we have seen dollars rolling in from people and corporations outside of BC.

Do we want an American to finance our next Premier's leadership bid? Should that be legal? Is it moral, or ethical?