Friday, May 06, 2011

From owning bars to provide group homes for children

Jody Paterson takes an interesting look at the for-profit group home in Prince George where an 11-year-old was tasered.
Paterson writes:

"The owner of the group home, Taborview Programs, is a home-grown Prince George entrepreneur, Jordy Hoover. He’s better known in the region for the many bars and liquor stores he owns.
Hoover also owns 30 greenhouses, a nursery growing three million seedlings for the forest industry, and a gravel operation. A 2009 story in the Prince George Citizen described him as having 'a diversified portfolio of business in the city.'
That portfolio includes 26 beds for youth with profound behavioural problems, disabilities or other special needs. Hoover received almost $3 million from the Ministry of Children and Family Development in 2009-10 to provide those services. (That same year, he and his companies donated more than $32,000 to the B.C. Liberal Party.)"

You can read the piece here.


DPL said...

The kids don't count , the contributions to the Liberals always come first. Bigger the donation bigger the contract appears to be the rule. Instead of having qualified staff to handle small issues, just call in the cops seems to be the way things are done. Really shameful

Anonymous said...

Is it the business you take exception to or the man, my guess is the majority of people who take aim at the Corporation and its principal owner/director are the same people who continue to spread gossip and innuendo that simply is not true.
There are many mitigating factors to the complexities behind a large business and I know for a fact that the owner had his own troubles as a youth and started his business with the right intentions and continues to govern himself in the capacity as stated in the aforementioned portion of this letter, furthermore the majority of people that leave insulting and negative responses would be the same people who have not ever truly challenged themselves to do more then get up in the morning and drive to either a government or unionized job, shame on anyone for not trying to look deeper into the story or worse not supporting a local business before making allegations of impropriety and thus causing more unnecessary disproportionate convoluted nonsense predicted and motivated by jealousy and misguided malice.

Anonymous said...

hey there all, well i all can say i was a youth there in one of his group homes, for 4 years almost, and honestly, after being in care for more then 10 years, his was the best, he worked very closely with us back then and i was with him almost everyday, hes a very kind soul and you people shouldn't judge unless you know him personally, he treated me like a son and sure there was some wild ass kids compared to me, i mostly behaved and tried to respect him, i knew a good thing when i saw it, most other places treated me like a meal ticket, after all is said and done, i have learned many life lessons from him, ive built a house from the ground up with him and other youth, he paid us also, takes us out for dinner and lunch all the time, movies, field trips, hes an amazing person, hes had the most positive influence on my life in the greatest way, i've since grown to do many amazing things in my own career after i left the his home at 18, its a shame so many people judge, and honestly, alot of those kids never appreciated a good home anyways, i've seen it all. Jordan Hoover is a good man and one of my personal heroes. thanks all. cheers.

Anonymous said...

best boss I have ever had...............Jodry Hoover is an amazing person

Anonymous said...

Excellent way to get cheap staff for a money laundry /bar & liquor operation!