Friday, January 07, 2011

Government news, or party advertising

I wrote last month about a highly spun provincial government release on job grown reported in StatsCan monthly release, suggesting in a post that taxpayers shouldn't be paying for what looked like party advertising.
The point was reinforced this month. B.C. lost 22,000 jobs, 19,900 of them full-time, StatsCan reported.
But there was no release from the provincial government.
If news releases about job numbers are actually a useful government communications effort, then they would go out whether the numbers made the party in power look good, or bad, and would provide context.
If releases only are sent when the news is good, then the party should be paying — as the Liberals would have once, long ago, agreed.


StandUpforBC said...

Thanks for "paying attention" on our behalf Paul.

Good catch.

I had to laugh when a report earlier this week on CBC Radio said that at a conference in Toronto a clutch of economists were perplexed by a poll showing that Canadians did not believe Canada had climbed out of the recession. The economists cited statistics that "proved" we were out of the recession. They just couldn't believe that regular citizens didn't see it that way.

One answer: out of touch.

Then this morning I heard the financial report saying that although the number of people with jobs had increased significantly this past quarter, the financial industry was in a slump over that report. Why? Because their "brain trust" had predicted a bigger increase. As a result, they all held off on market activity, leaving market trading flat. What a science-less, govern-less scam they have going, the financial industry.

Hey isn't Steve Harper an economist?

Answer number two. Out of touch and unswervable and resolute in their beliefs, despite the facts.

And the public continues to give these big-time financial con artists some credence. Sheesh!

I'd sooner put my faith in astrologists rather than economists and financial front-men.

Anonymous said...

It`s hard to live in this province without wanting to vomit continuously.

Anonymous said...

hear hear, anon 5:36