Monday, January 03, 2011

Government buys an addiciton treatment centre

Jody Paterson draws attention to a surprising announcement from the government three days before Christmas. It's stepping in to spend $3 million to buy the property occupied by the Baldy Hughes Treatment Centre near Prince George, and promising more than $1 million annually in operating funds.
The project, based on a program in Italy, was launched by former Liberal MLA and cabinet minister Lorne Mayencourt. It's an interesting project, but the one-off deal takes a lot of money as existing addiction programs struggle with underfunding.


Anonymous said...

Now that it is under government control all the books should be opened to public scrutiny - including all financials leading up to the sale (land costs, building costs, program costs, administration costs, etc)... this smells like a bailout.

Anonymous said...

Marshall Smith, former political staffer convicted for drug trafficking in 2004, is the executive director. This sale needs a review as it seems there are some political angles to get this bailout.

What is the government policy on payouts.