Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The RCMP is betting $1 billion against a move to a provincial police force

The government's major project inventory report is a useful look at big capital projects being built or considered.
The news releases always go a little overboard - the latest one celebrates $198 billion in projects "planned or underway." Planned is a bit of overstatement; the list includes, for example, a gravel quarry near Port Alberni that has been counted in the inventory since 2004 without moving out of the planned category.
Still, it's a valuable snapshot.
The latest release also notes that the largest project underway is the "the $966-million RCMP E-Division Headquarters in Surrey." The building is a private-public partnership. The private partners get almost $1 billion and agree to build the centre and maintain it for 25 years.
But the RCMP wouldn't need 2,700 people in its B.C. headquarters if it wasn't delivering municipal and regional police services across the province. Which suggests the force is very confident the the government will sign another 20-year contract when the current agreement expires in 2012


Leah said...

My question is: How much does ignoring those government officials clearly in the soup with Basi/Virk, yet not being investigated (or charged)have to do with..."If you want a new contract signed for another twenty years, you'll do as you're told - and bury it". I'm thinking the signing of a new contract (or not) has a great deal to do with ignoring "certain wrongs" in BC.

Anonymous said...

as long as the campbell govt. white collar crime wave continues to be willfully ignored,the rcmp has guarranteed job security, and because it`s a p3 project and a huge financial loss to taxpayers it just seems all the sweeter for campbell and his gangster cronies.

DPL said...

The present government will hire the horsemen as they arnt unionized, work cheaper than other forces, and to hell with their ultimate performance. Sad for sure as the horsemen have hired some really bad members over the last number of years.Not my choice for sure,as I've known too many mounties that were good at their job and some I wouldn't want to stand too close to. Their senior guys have one concern, stay until the pension comes in. I was once asked to be a pilot engineer for those guys and turned the offer down. Not because I wouldn't be issued a gun but I would have to wear the uniform and needed something to defend myself.

Kim said...

Thank you Paul, very good observation! Leah has a point that speaks volumes. May I suggest BC Mary for further reading? And may I direct her readers here? In my mind, there is a bigger picture here.

Crankypants said...

Basically it amounts to nothing more than the way the BC Liberal Party does business. Whether the donations are in the form of money or in kind, the donor will be well rewarded.

The one fly in the ointment could be if enough recall campaigns are successful in removing Campbell & Co. from the captain's chair.