Monday, September 06, 2010

Brian Peckford versus Gordon Campbell

This report is interesting.
Peckford is six years older than Gordon Campbell. He won two elections as Newfoundland premier, casting himself as a champion battling for the province's interests against a distant federal government. If he's serious about advising a provincial B.C. Conservative party, that's not good for the Liberals, or centre-right voters in the province.

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Anonymous said...

The B.C. Conservative party is controlled by BC Liberals and federal Conservatives - it is designed to attract the far right protest vote, but not enough votes to be effective, nor to steal enough votes to hand control to the socialist hordes.

Peckford is positioning himself to lead the same old right wing coalition that W.A.C.B. & W.R.B. held together and W.N.T.M.V.Z. tore asunder - somebody forgot to give Peckford the heads up on the true role of the B.C. Conservative party.