Monday, April 20, 2009

Test drive STV for your area

I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't vote yes in the electoral reform referendum and try an alternative to the current system which has served us so dismally. Sure, the single transferable vote system isn't perfect, but look at the way we elect governments and our representatives now. It's an abomination.
I'll write about it, but meanwhile this site lets you vote under the system, based on the party's candidates and the proposed boundaries. It's a great way to explore the real impact.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, tried the site. Have to confess that before trying it I was an STV supporter. Now, after experiencing the confusion of the results first hand, I'm back in the first-past-the-post camp. And disappointed to be there. Surely there is another system that gets us closer to proportional without the "blackbox" effect of this system. We'd need the Auditor General to review each election under STV.

The real challenge in our sorry state of electoral affairs is the level of debate engaged in by the candidates, and I don't see STV resolving that either. Anyone who heard Ken Stewart and Michael Sather on CBC last week will know exactly what I'm talking about.