Saturday, April 18, 2009

A look at the NDP platform

A useful Victoria Times Colonist editorial today on the NDP platform.


Anonymous said...

They arn't offering the moon. I notice that any article with Gordo in it has a big action photo. Not so dramatic on the NDP stories. Equal time? I think not. Mind you Gordon has tons of money from grateful business folks who get things they want done, with profits to them. The tax payers don't count. So it's great to read the two editorials to compare

Anonymous said...

I think the Public Affairs Bureau is the reason why we see tons of "big action photos" of U-know-Who and usually none at all of the nice lady who drives us all nuts but who at least isn't Campbell.

Me, I think it's a conflict of interest to have government employees like this working in an election to promote one side. That sure as heck isn't how I'd want my tax money to be spent ... that is, if anybody asked me. But they don't ask people. It's all kinda secret.

I was impressed by Miro Cerniteg's column in a recent Vancouver Sun where he expressed his worries about PAB too. He says that Campbell's PAB is bigger than any newsroom in Canada; it has 223 fulltime employees, a $28 million annual budget, and that no other Legislature has this level of interest in political affairs.

Shouldn't that kind of PAB work be claimed as a 3rd party campaign expense for the Campbell Liberals?

BC Mary