Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Binder 5: Paul Ramsey says he's never seen the e-mails referred to in the post below

Former NDP cabinet minister Paul Ramsey says he's never seen, and certainly didn't write, any of the e-mails in Finance Ministry files that supposedly include comments from him on the B.C. Rail deal.

"Very strange, Mr. Willcocks, very strange," he said in an e-mail today.
"I did not write the July 10, 2003 e-mail that appears in Binder 5 with my name on it. I never saw any secret "documents" that discussed the BC Rail sale. I was not part of any co-ordinated NDP attack on the sale--though I certainly thought it was a dumb idea (for both policy and political reasons) and said so in print and on the air. I never discussed the sale of BC Rail with Joy (MacPhail, I assume). And I don't know who Ron Cannan is."

I have no doubt that's Ramsey being candid and straightforward.
And I have no idea what's going on here.


Gazetteer said...

Curiouser and curiouser....

Any word from the other 'authors'?


G West said...


Ron Cannan may be a mystery to Paul Ramsey...but it's not a very deep mystery.

Now why would Ron Cannan's name pop up from that period?