Friday, March 13, 2009

Finance ministry records included faked B.C. Rail sale e-mails

A few days ago, I posted e-mails from finance ministry files that indicated former New Democrat MLAs Paul Ramsey, Gordon Wilson, Helmut Geisbrecht and others plotting to attack Gordon Campbell's B.C. Rail sale.
They were fake, as Paul Ramsey has already said.
Wilson has added his notice that the e-mails were bogus.

"I can assure you that I did not author any email to Ramsey on the sale of BC Rail. During my time in politics I was a vocal critic of Campbell's desire to sell off the Railway, and predicted that he would do so despite his constant denials to the contrary.
I am not sure who wrote those emails or why anyone would go to such lengths to try to engage those named. It is quite bizarre, but then so is the whole episode even to the extent to which it has been kept out of the public spotlight.
Gordon Wilson"

So, who was behind the e-mails?


Anonymous said...

How do we know Wilson and Ramsey are being honest that the emails didn’t come from them ? Maybe this is really all a vast left wing conspiracy for a change.

Or Maybe the emails are fakes authored by Basi and Virk….

Tune in next week as the Trial turns…

Anonymous said...

Paul Ramsey is many things but dishonest is NOT one of them. He is a straight shooter and I expect that Willcocks has arrived at the same conclusion. As for the "mystery" of Ron Caanan, I expect he is far from a household name for those who are not residents of the Okanagan.

Gazetteer said...
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Gazetteer said...

Re-posting (with typos fixed)...

And Mr. Nettleton too?

Ya, that's the ticket.

They were all conspiring then and they're still conspiring now.

And come 2037 will they still be conspiring?

To do what?


According to Binder 3, which was obtained by an FOIA, those messages were present in Finance Ministry files.

And we have already heard about media monitoring that was initiated by at least one member of that Ministry at that time that led to specific examples of dirty tricks directed at citizens who were anything less than fully supportive of the coming BC Rail privatization.

And, with that in mind, people are suggesting that it is actually plausible that Mr. Wilson, Mr. Ramsey (and, by implication, Mr. Nettleton) are ALL obfuscating?

To my mind that is just crazy.

And/or a term first made famous by a fine fellow called Donald Segretti .


azali said...

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haidachieftain said...

Willcocks challenged to explain why his BC Rail tax indemnity story changing from 255 million to 366 million no longer coming up on Google search.

Your blog post that used to come up on Google search about the BC Rail tax indemnity changing from 255 million to 366 million helped con People to think that yes the indemnity size change made the papers. Sir, your blog report (fake news story) only made your blog.

Ironic now that the indemnity is at 505 million, your post on the indemntiy change no longer on google search, now that it works against your agenda.

CanWest had to run the indemnity changing to 505 million, it is an election issue, so it was placed in the back pages in an editorial. One reference in the newspaper for such a major election theft story is unacceptable.

The reason for the continually increase in the tax assets sold to CN, is that the government sold future tax return assets, at a discount using present value to represent future tax assets. Do your duty, and write about the 505 million dollar BC Rail tax indemnity, Mr. Willcocks.

paul said...

I have no control of Google search. My 2004 column on the indemnity ran in at least 20 papers around the province, but others also reported on it.
Vaughn Palmer reported the $550 million current risk, which hardly seems like burying it. I have no idea what agenda I'm supposed to be following.
Paul Willcocks

haidachieftain said...

True or false. The growing 505 million BC Rail tax indemnity refund (kick-back) has not be reported in the Times Colonist, nor the Province, which totally seems like burying it. What others have reported this? BC’s newspapers should be ashamed that only Vaughn ran this.

The agenda: is to steal every-which-way; and to hide the fact BC Rail was given away. Future BC Rail tax refund assets were improperly disclosed, through using a discount rate, to convert future tax dollars into current dollars.

Only you know Paul why the Times Colonist has not reported the larger BC Rail tax indemnity!