Monday, October 19, 2015

Who, or what, is behind Postmedia's election endorsements?

Zip on over to The Tyee to read my attempt to answer that question.


Anonymous said...

x-Brit John Oliver reminds us that foreign intervention in our elections is punishable.

Perhaps Elections Canada could - notwithstanding Post Media's tax status - investigate.

Anonymous said...

The corporate media in BC (Postmedia, Global, CTV/Globe&Mail, and the Black Press in the smaller towns) do a terrific job of carrying the banner for the BC Liberals, and clowns like Tom Fletcher are able to spread their hate on those who challenge Great Goddess Christy. The lack of balance and objectivity is so blatant.

Anonymous said...

You wrote: "Readers expect newspaper endorsements to reflect the careful judgments of editorial boards and the needs of their individual communities."

I see three generations: An older one clueless enough to still have the expectations you state above.

My generation in the middle which just chuckles at such naivety, and gets great amusement from the twisting in the wind on the editorial pages. You didn't even mention the classic from the Globe and Mail!

And finally the younger generation that says, 'what is a newspaper?'

Anonymous said...

@9:33 That was a good laugh. Well played.

Watching "All the President's Men" reminded me of how back in the 70s and 80s the main media outlets would really go after the story and find the fire behind the smoke. CTV would go after the Socreds regularly and then later hammer the NDP gov'ts. But once Global came on the scene not that long before Campbell's Liberals first got elected, there was a notable change in the TV news media direction. At a time when there were only two opposition party members in the Legislature, Global and the revamped CTV became the gov't's biggest cheerleaders instead of providing the scrutiny the public needed.

Frankly, it hasn't changed since.

Unless there is an absolutely huge scandal that hits the B.C. Liberal brand and one which can't be swept under the rug, expect this political group to go on a decades long run in power of Alberta PC proportions.

Unknown said...

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