Thursday, December 22, 2011

Heading to Honduras

Those paying close attention might have noticed a new link in the upper right here, called Heading to Honduras.
That’s where I’m going in mid-January.
My partner and I both applied to Cuso International for volunteer work. I was offered a post in Ghana, she was offered one in Honduras. For assorted reasons, we picked Honduras, where she’ll be working with an NGO on communications, knowledge development and whatever else they need.
I’ll expect to find some way to volunteer down there, do some work for clients up here (if you need fast, sharp editing or writing, keep me in mind), write, paint and get really good at Spanish.
It’s the right time for us to make this change, and I’m looking forward to living in a new culture in Copan Ruinas.
I’ll write more about all this, and all the years of blogging/columning on events here.
Check out the link. And if you’re around Victoria, come on out to our farewell party Jan. 11 at the Garry Oak room at the Fairfield Community Centre, from 6 to 10 p.m. Music and fun. It’s also a fundraiser for Cuso and PEERS.


Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog anonymously since 2006 or so. I will miss your insight into the BC government and into issues that concern all British Columbians. Best of luck and may you bring good fortune to Honduras!

Anonymous said...

This is far better news for Christy Clark than your penultimate column Paul.

Best Wishes for you and yours on your next adventure. You'll be sorely missed by many, including Yours Truly, but as can be imagined, many others just breathed a giant and collective sigh of relief.

Raymond Graham

Brian said...

Goodbye Paul! I will miss your blog.

First Sean Holman, now you - it feels like Someone is going to get a free pass in 2012.

DPL said...

Enjoy your new life. when I first retired at the old age of 38 and a half, the week my wife got her second degree, we took the kids out of school, and headed out to cycle Europe. We carried nothing but the clothes on our back, had no house, car so no keys. It felt great. Cycled through parts of Scotland, England, France Belgium, the Netherlands and back into Germany. Came back more than 6 months later. No jobs, no place to live, but our kids, now adults still talk about that trip. The both of you have skills that travel well. So if you keep a blog going people will read about your adventures. Almost forgot, we ended up in Victoria, and I was employed flying a water bomber, the day we got here. My better half ended up as a Legislative librarian. Would we do it again? In a heartbeat. Go now, don't hesitate for a minute. Best of luck to you both.

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