Monday, November 08, 2010

The leadership race begins...

B.C.'s solicitor-general mulls changes to tough drinking and driving laws

VICTORIA - Solicitor-general Rich Coleman said Monday his government is planning to review B.C.'s tough new drinking and driving laws, suggesting any changes could be introduced as early as this coming spring.

"This [the drinking and driving law] has certainly got some issues with it and quite frankly we're going to look at those," Coleman, who has been solicitor-general for just two weeks, said Monday.

Interesting that Coleman says he believes he'll stay in cabinet if he enters the Liberal leadership race, while George Abbott says he won't.


Anonymous said...

One of the only reasonable things the BC Liberals have done lately is to try to mitigate the damage caused by mixing alcohol with driving. And now Coleman feels some heat from his constituents and bends like a wet noodle. It's going to be interesting to see to just what lengths the leadership candidates are prepared to go to, in order to curry favour with those they hope will continue to support them ("quite frankly").

Raymond Graham

Anonymous said...

Pretty simple to see if the new drinking and driving laws are making a difference.

Take a look at the government's liquor warehouses: What's the volume trend? What's the revenue trend?

The year is 2010 that means it is trivial to show this information on a daily basis. The information should be voluntarily offered by government in a form that is statistically simple to parse and peruse.


Any file or ministry that Rich Coleman touches turns to dust.


Will the leadership candidates reveal who and how much is sponsoring their campaigns?


Watch for changes in BC Liberal leadership rules to benefit incumbent MLAs... The last thing the good ol' boys want is a smart woman in the race.


If Dianne Watts were smart - and see reportedly is very bright - she would dump the BC Liberal party and start her own (sound familiar) and make a team of the best and brightest BC has to offer.

With a team made of non-partisans claiming a swath of the middle ground, it would leave the unionist lefties, and corporatist righties clinging to a small bit of nothing on the edges.

Anonymous said...

He's also the minister of gaming, so his full message is "get drunk, piss your money away."

Anonymous said...

one blog comment suggested that previously the restaurant industry contributed a lot to the liberals. Now the industry is being hammered. Perhaps this is an inducement for donations during the leader campaign. How backwards is it to fix this law after the fact when it was introduced with such moral and administrative fist?