Monday, October 25, 2010

A resource perspective on the cabinet shuffle

I'll do a column on the changes announced by the premier, but there's some interesting initial reaction here.
Bernard Von Schulmann's work as a consultant is mostly about resource development in B.C. He's one of a small number of knowledgeable commentators.
If he's puzzled by the cabinet changes, especially around the "dirt industries," the government has to explain quickly how this will work and result in more economic activity outside B.C.'s urban centres.


Bernard said...

I am getting more and more confused as I look into this. I have called line ministry staff to see where they are and what they are doing, no answers yet.

The shuffle is at odds with various acts dealing with lands.

Anonymous said...

Laila Yuile's report must get out into the mainstream

DPL said...

The shuffle was done so people can get ready for Gordo's fireside chat. The big news was that Martyne Brown got demoted and can now play around in the Tourist department, God knows Ida as the minister won't be doing much , but even she can't be as bad as Kreuger. Brown has been around since Gordo tried to derail the Nisga'a treaty

Anonymous said...

Bit of a long shot... Anybody know what M. Brown's pay was before and what it will be now?