Friday, October 08, 2010

Bob Simpson's expulsion and group home closures

Two useful pieces from the Times Colonist today.
An editorial suggests it might be better for democracy if more MLAs and MPs emulated Bob Simpson and were more candid in their comments. It might make political sense to muzzle MLAs and encourage them to repeat scripted talking points rather than sharing their own views or raising the concerns of their constituents, just as it might make political sense for a party in opposition to avoid any clear policy positions.
But in pursuing tactics that lead to power, what if the parties steadily destroying public confidence in the political system.
And in a column, Jody Paterson looks at cuts to services and group home closures that are hammering the developmentally disabled and their families.


Anonymous said...

The BCGEU's community social service members are currently in contract negotiations with the BC Liberals for a new collective agreement. The BCGEU had a stakeholders meeting on September 21 and the minutes of that meeting are now available [.PDF]. Included in the minutes is a partial list of group homes that are closed/closing.

The BCGEU has also released a Angus Reid Public Opinion and NOW Communications poll on public support for community social services [.PDF].

Anonymous said...

Bob Simpson wrote his column knowing he would get a 'slap on the wrist' for it - Simpson was being deliberately provocative and got what he deserved.

Unfortunately the rest of us who have been suffering under years of BC Liberal rule will be the casualties of this internecine war.