Wednesday, August 25, 2010

An ex-officer's perspective on the Pickton case

Bob Cooper is a retired Vancouver police officer who walked a beat, worked in the Asian organized crime section and the homicide squad.
He is not much optimistic about the promise of a review of the Pickton investigation promised by acting solicitor general Rich Coleman.
"Aside from the irony of a Liberal cabinet minister using the word ‘transparent’, it’s well known in law enforcement that as long as Gordon Campbell is premier the re-signing of the RCMP’s contract in 2012 is a foregone conclusion and Victoria doesn’t want anything rocking that boat. A ‘transparent review’ will take forever to set up and even longer to run its course. This scores the government political points for calling it and buys them time while allowing them to deflect any questions about the case."
I recommend reading the rest of his blog post here.

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The Review Has Already Been Done - Almost 30 Years Ago

Damian Inwood writes in The Province (August 26, 2010) about the navel gazing after Clifford Olson's "murderous rampage" and the conclusions of that report.

"After Olson was finally caught, RCMP defended themselves against accusations that they'd botched the investigation.

They said that hindsight was 20/20 and it was too easy to accuse them of not doing enough.