Monday, May 03, 2010

Victoria police face questions in woman's death

This is a case worth watching.
The mistrial isn't the issue.
While it's early in the process and the information is limited, the report indicates that in the hours after a young woman died, Victoria police worked hard to make sure a suspect had a lawyer, rather than simply ensuring he understood his rights and pursuing the investigation.
Police might have been simply ensuring any evidence could not be challenged because the suspect's rights had been violated.
But it seems a considerable effort, one not usual in such cases.


Anonymous said...

a few Qs to start with

Who is Christopher Groves?
Who is George Westwood?

And what was their history/relationship with Victoria Police Const. Robert Iles?

wstander said...

The right to counsel is more than words. The officer was acting in accord with the spirit and the letter of the law before continuing with his invsstigation in the face of the accused's request to see counsel before questioning continued.

On the other hand I see nothing consistent with either the spirit or the letter of the law in the special prosecutor fiasco in the Kash Heed case.

Lest we forget, Robertson not only contributed to the Heed campaign (the nature of a partnership is that the actions of one partner bind all partners), he was the special, special, special prosecutor in the Bountiful case who unlawfully recomemended charges after the two previous special prosecutors recommended no charges.

StandUpforBC said...

I recall in early news coverage of this story, the media reported that these two young males came from a well-to-do, leafy suburb...

The rich are not like you and I.

And Victoria is now a cesspool of police corruption.

I was raised to respect authority; but now, here in Victoria, I fear and avoid the police. They just plain creep me out.

Anonymous said...

weird scenario though..
hope that the police didnt do something stupid...