Thursday, January 14, 2010

Giving to Haiti

I might be overly sensitive, but while the $500,000 provincial contribution is useful, I'm not sure the Haitian earthquake is really a marketing opportunity for B.C. forest products.

If you are moved to help, Don Cayo of the Vancouver Sun offers some excellent suggestions here. Cayo is one of the arguments for daily newspapers; his columns are valuable and it's hard to see how they could be supported without papers like the Vancouver Sun.

NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release 2010

PREM0008-000031 Jan. 14, 2010

Office of the Premier

B.C. ANNOUNCES SUPPORT FOR HAITI EARTHQUAKE VICTIMS VANCOUVER - Premier Gordon Campbell announced the Province will provide $500,000 to the Red Cross to support victims of the January 12 earthquake in Haiti.

The Province will also work with the federal government to offer assistance to help Haiti rebuild.

"The $500,000 will go to the Red Cross for immediate medical and emergency support and we are also encouraging all British Columbians to consider reaching out through aid agencies like the Red Cross," said Premier Campbell. "We will also co-ordinate with the federal government to explore the possibility of helping Haitians rebuild their homes, schools, hospitals and other infrastructure." Forests and Range Minister Pat Bell is working with the federal government to co-ordinate an effort to provide wood products for rebuilding as well as construction expertise, just as British Columbia did after the 2008 Sichuan, China earthquake.

The January 12 earthquake measured 7.0 on the Richter scale and caused immense destruction, leaving millions of Haitians without homes.

"Everyone's priority right now is to put forth a co-ordinated support effort to save lives and treat as many victims as possible," said Premier Campbell. "Right now our hearts and thoughts are with the victims and their families of this terrible tragedy."



Anonymous said...

The great thing about our Dicktator is that he has no soul. This sounds like a plug for business not a plug by a caring person.

DPL said...

Gordo uses our money when he feels there is a buck to be made. The people are dying and the smell of death is everywhere. The man has no shame. One wonders if the big one hit Vancouver west side while he is still in power, would he throw in a few bucks as a business opportunity. He failed as a business person so got into politics and does what he wishes with other folks money Sad state of affaris

Anonymous said...

The last place i`d look for helpful advise on any subject is a canwest rag,have`nt paid for one in many years,never will again.many excellent news outlets on the net to get up to the minutenews on haiti.the best organisations to give to are the one with a history of honesty and service.Care,salvation army,mennonite charity and others. it is indeed nauseating to hear our slimeball liar campbell try to put a profit spin on this tragedy.