Thursday, November 26, 2009

Stewart should take responsibility and resign

So, when Citizens' Services Minister Ben Stewart learned — seven months late — that a government employee already being investigated for fraud had been caught with confidential information on 1,400 British Columbians from ministry files, who tells him?
Not his deputy, or officials responsible for privacy or from the ministry involved.
A Public Affairs Bureau staffer brought the minister up to date. How long did the branch responsible for the government's messaging know? That's still a secret.
Rob Shaw and Lindsay Kines from the Times Colonist have been reporting on the issue.
The newspaper argues in an editorial today that Stewart should resign.


Bookmonkey said...

I don't think he will resign. Higher standards are for others to be held to,not themselves.

DPL said...

He's off the hook for awhile as the Ledg shut down till who knows when.I like to watch the guy sitting next to him as he constantly feeds him notes and then claps like crazy. But come to think of it, the guy next to him sat way back in the back row till recently and sure won't want to go back there and lose all those extra perks

RossK said...


Two questions:

1) Why does the PAB even have this information, information of critical important to the private lives of a signifiant number of British Columbians?

2) What else does the PAB know that Cabinet Ministers of this Province don't?

Clearly, the media-monitoring has become the message in this province.