Monday, February 23, 2009

Truth in budgeting

I did not think the Liberals would stumble like this . The government has earned good marks for financial transparency and - except for the excessive conservatism that produced excessive surpluses - reasonable projections.
But last week's budget underestimates expenses and, according to at least one respected economist, inflates revenues.
What's particularly strange is that this is all unnecessary. As Stephen Harper showed, deficits are considered OK in the face of the economic slide. (As they should be.)


Anonymous said...

We can live with a deficit. we have lived through a number of them. What we can't live with is a governemtn that manipulates the facts as this government is doing. The inance Minister is the front man shilling for his boss and looking stupid doing so. Time to clean house.

Anonymous said...

The looming election is tainting this 'open and accountable' administration. What is no surprise are the announced coming cuts in years 2 & 3 of the ministry forecasts - wait until the election is over, then bring the hammer down.