Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Budget, second thoughts

I've been having second thoughts about the budget column. Mostly, I'm looking at ministry service plans and thinking that cuts will be deeper than it first appeared. Sean Holman has some interesting reports on the budget and a memo from public sector head Jessica McDonald to employees suggesting significant layoffs are possible.


Anonymous said...

How can we be confident in our government to show leadership in this time of crisis when they're all so clearly in denial?

Will McMartin is right, I fear we've been served up a pile of toxic fudge, and only when the rose-coloured glasses come off in September, will we see the full, ugly truth of it.

Anonymous said...

This budget can be changed as soon as the election is over. No matter which party forms governent. New government, new budget. This bland document is supposed to show us what great thinkers we have in power in BC. If King Gordo stays in power, all bets are off

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Paul it is a weak budget with no stimulus (unlike every other Western country's financial strategies).

God help us if the Liberals get re-elected in May, the October 2009 budget will be a blood bath of program and civil service cuts.

Social problems including child poverty (at a disgusting 25% for the past six years during an economic boom!) and homelessness will sky-rocket. Senior care will continue to get worse. Rural communities will see more of their schools close.

Campbell's ideology only allows him three responses: tax cuts, program cuts and privatization.

Our province can't take another four years of Bush, oh sorry Gordon Campbell.