Thursday, December 04, 2008

So, are Conservative MPs ready to do their jobs?

Conservative MPs face the biggest test between now and the end of January. Go along and keep repeating the talking points supplied by the prime minister's office — which will play well with supporters — or bring their own judgment to bear on what needs to be done to govern effectively for the next couple of years, and win a majority in the next election.
The party has a lot of gratitude, rightly, to Stephen Harper for getting it into power.
But he's failed to win majorities in two elections waged under highly favourable circumstances, messed up terribly in the early days of this government and increasingly appears unable to change.
Will Conservative MPs recognize their responsibility and power to share a decision on Harper's future.
It's also a test of our system, I suppose. Have prime ministers and premiers become so powerful that they, barring disastrous defeats or years of plotting, they are unchecked by their supposed peers?


Anonymous said...

The PM just couldn't resist poking a stick into a hornet's nest could he? And then to act hurt and surprised that he got stung? Sheesh!

Anonymous said...

He must have been a sorry and pathetic sight grovelling before Michaele Jean and begging for another chance. But you are right, Paul, if the Conservatives prove not to have learned anything from this episode they're unteachable. I predict they will prove themselves to be of the latter persuasion.