Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Big pay for small executive jobs at B.C. Rail

Among the surprises in last week's release of figures on management pay in the B.C. public sector was news that the B.C. Rail CEO Kevin Mahoney received $570,000 in total compensation to run a business with $18 million in revenues, fewer than 30 employees and not much to do.
Sean Holman has been on the story over the last week and Les Leyne weighs in with a column in today's Times Colonist.

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BC Mary said...

Paul, over the weekend I was searching the Internet trying to find where in BC there might still be passenger rail service operating. Remember that great trip between North Vancouver and Prince George?

Imagine my surprise to find that there's a fleet of taxis (30, if I remember correctly) operating along Highway 16 (Smithers to McBride) and "doing business as" ... wait for it ... as BCRail.

Details at my blog posted under "A taxi? Doing business as BCRail?"