Friday, December 07, 2007

Basi-Virk B.C. Rail case grows messier all the time

I take a look at the latest twists and turns, glance at why it's gone so wrong and remind readers what;s going on in a Times Colonist column today.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your thoughtful analysis.

A couple of more twists in the 4 year long drama:

1. Bill Berardino was not the first Special Prosecutor. Josiah Wood was appointed in November 2003and then resigned and then Len Doust was appointed and then resigned as well. Check out youtube for Bill Berardino.

2. George Macintosh is the lawyer for Erik Bornmann and is also the Special Prosecutor in the investigation with Wally Oppal's brother. He now may be a witness for the deal with Bornmann due to non-disclosure.

3. The Team Commander for the RCMP in investigation that lead to the raid is the brother in law of the executive director of the BC Liberal Party.

4. Bill Berardino was also a partner with Geoff Plant prior to Plant leaving for politics. Mr. Berardino also taught Erik Bornmann at UBC law school in the middle of the investigation in

All in all a very twisted and extremely messy affair.

Anonymous said...

This trial has been set up to fail .Whomever is in control dose not wish for this to go ahead.

RossK said...

Thanks for a very good analysis Paul, and thanks also for the earlier than usual heads-up about its publication.

Regarding your conclusion that the myriad conspiracy theories are baseless....well, in the absence of any actual testimony and/or evidence to either support or refute said theories, I would humbly suggest that it is still too early to tell

(I would also suggest that many of those theories have been fueled by the ridiculous four year wait for that testimony and/or evidence).

Thanks again.