Friday, October 07, 2005

Note on comments

I've had to add a slightly clunky step for people who want to post comments.
It's needed to thwart the spamsters who have now targeted the Comment section of blogs like this for their junk.
The good news is that if they are that desperate, the business is on its last legs.
The bad news is that you need to copy a wavey word before you can comment.
I hope people still will, and once again note the reason and respect shown by people who comment on the issues raised here.


Anonymous said...

Hi Paul - I want to follow up your comments on the proposed "roundtable".

After $20 million in VSB cuts in '02, our PAC proposed a forum involving all players to devise a credible, objective way to track & assess what's reasonable funding for our schools. We sent a formal resolution asking BCCPAC (the self-descibed "provincial voice of parents") to take the lead on it. BCCPAC's leadership was horrified at teachers having an equal say. Members passed our resolution anyway, but they just let the idea die.

This shows the challenge of getting past personal politics on education issues. (BCCPAC has also drawn fire from parents recently for ignoring resolutions favouring BCTF while stressing those that favour govt.)

So, the roundtable model that Minister Bond offered may be a joke, but should we rule out this concept entirely? Perhaps something like the Aquaculture Forum, or the bipartisan committee proposed re child protection?

At our PAC & at the VSB, we've seen that we can get through the tough issues when there's TRUST among key players and between reps and grassroots. Trust builds respect and understanding, which allows giving and taking.

Hillary said...

Couldn't comment on the "bungling" post, so I'm gonna do it here...

You talked about neither side in this debate bending, even to accept a crappy deal. The only problem is that the government isn't even TALKING. In negotiations for the past year, or maybe 18 months, their policy is zero, zero, and NO. You can't negotiate if one party won't budge. I do'nt think we weould be at such an impass if the government had offered something, anything, but they haven't. So when teachers began a tiny piddly job action, they government passed Bill 12. They're hiding behind legislation instead of negotiating.

As far as the "crusade for justice," I'm not sure where I stand on that. I think after Bill 12, this debate became more about the right to bargain instead of being forced into a corner by laws. I think it's somehting that is gathering speed and could get overblown, but I also think it's important for unions to have the right to negotiate and not feel so totally helpless when it comes to bargaining. As far as the civil rights referneces, I thinkg the only comparison being made there is that sometimes when laws are bad, they need to be broken. I roll my eyes when references are made to Ghandi in this debate, but I think, at least for me, it's jsut about the historical record of people standing up to something they believe is wrong.

I suppose that IS a philisophical issue being brought into labour negotiations, but it's not only about the teachers' contract right now, it's about the right to actually negotiate.

Arg! I just want to go back to work.

Anonymous said...

I went around to four local schools on Friday in support of the teachers and found CUPE members on the line with the teachers. I mentioned to one teacher that 10 years ago I made more money driving a federal crown Corporation truck around than my brand new teacher granddaughter gets today. And it took her two degrees to get to the position.So why do folks take the abuse and complaints of so many who can't see the benfits of a student rising, with some help to their highest potential? It's because teachers take the responsibilty of raising those kids to do their best. I still remember my high school principals words when he wrote my future employer. He will do well in what ever endevour he enters. No brilliant student here but I was encouraged to stay to get the requirments I needed to get the job I wanted. Nobody gets a career in flying without a solid education, even way back then.

Shame on a government that brings in a law at the first sign that teachers might be getting support from the parents. Especially the parents with kids who are challenged and can't get the support they need in overcrowded rooms and for God's sake in schools that don't have enough desks for all of them. Where most of us work or have worked, If you put in extra time, there is some money involved. A young woman or guy putting in hours of volunteer coaching to keep their students motivated, and healthy in their extra fitness level and learning team work does work. I do know my new teacher grandaughter does around 18 hours a week on her own time out on the lake. Do her students respect that? Of course they do, why else would they be standing on the side of the road this morning cheering her on as she sloggs down the road doing the marathon. Way to go teachers. and its not all just about wages but being way behind the average across canada probrably hurts quite a bit.

Why does it take a teacher who is involved in sports walking ten Km. to the legislature and sit outside for two days to have the Premier show up to speak to him?

Well the media took an interest as the support got larger, so some spin doctor primed up the premier as to what to say and the need to say it. Easier than let the guy stay out on the lawn tll Chrismas break. SHAME