Monday, April 08, 2013

Vote for our musical Cuso volunteer video

This is utterly shameless, I admit.
Cuso International had a contest, inviting volunteers around the world to submit videos about the experience.
We entered, with a song featuring the accordion stylings of Jody Paterson and my guitar fumblings.
I kind of like it.
What I would like you to do is go the Cuso Facebook page and watch the video.
If you think it's kind of OK, you have to like both the Cuso Facebook page and our video to vote for us.

Should you want to sing along, here are the lyrics, to the tune of Leaving on Jet Plane,

All our bags are packed, we're standing here
About to be a volunteer
In a country Peace Corps left just weeks ago
Will we get gunned down? Or take up coke?
Will our workmates think we're quite the joke?
With our high-school Spanish messing up the show?

But we're flexible Cuso stock
We'll survive this culture shock
If capacity needs building, count us in
We're working in a new land
Don't know when we'll be back again
Our world won't be the same

We've met campesinos by the score,
We've learned most folks here are really poor
We know more about la roya than we should
We've been bounced down dirt roads, left to wait
Learned that 6 o'clock is more like 8
And that sunshine in December sure feels good

We're flexible Cuso stock
We'll survive the culture shock
If capacity needs building, we're your team
The power failures don't get us down
We've landed in a real nice town
And the guns aren't aimed at us, just worn with jeans

Are we changing culture? It's hard to tell
Communications is a real tough sell
In a country that has faith and not much more
But they love the photos, think the website's cool
The Facebook friends and the PowerPoints too
But will they keep it up when we walk out the door?

We're flexible Cuso stock
We've survived this culture shock
We're thriving in a most appealing way
Thank you for this chance to shine
In a land that has no sense of time
O Cuso...can we stay?

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