Friday, March 22, 2013

It's school deworming time in San Pedro Sula

After more than a year in Honduras, I remain in a state of near-constant amazement.
San Pedro Sula is the country’s largest city, with glitzy malls - way nicer than any in Victoria, our old hometown - and all the North American fast food chains.
Take this, you'll feel better
But El Tiempo reported this week that students at César López Pérez kicked off the first day of deworming, 2013.
Some 700 kids lined up for the chewable tablets, thanks to the municipality’s Healthy Schools Program. By the end of the campaign, 96,000 students in 344 schools will have been dewormed.
It’s the fourth year for the effort, supported by Operation Blessing, a U.S.-based charity/aid organization.
Deworming is likely a good thing. (You can never be sure, I’ve learned. It’s always possible someone’s brother-in-law has the monopoly on Worm-Be-Gone tablets and is making big money.)
And I might not have thought twice if the campaign had been in a rural community, where water and food supplies would likely be suspect.
But the idea of mass deworming campaign for kids in the country’s largest urban centre is a pretty stark reminder of how far Honduras has to go.

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