Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Christy Clark three times as popular as President Lobo

OK, Christy Clark's approval rating in the latest Angus Reid poll is worrying for Liberals. Only 28 per cent of British Columbians approve of the job she's doing, compared with 45 per cent approval for Adrian Dix. Conservative leader John Cummins is tied with Clark.
And 55 per cent of British Columbians say their opinions of Clark have worsened in the last three months, despite the party and government's efforts to win back lost suport.
It could be worse. La Prensa published a Gallup poll yesterday that found eight per cent of Hondurans approve of the job President Porfiro Lobo is doing. Only twelve per cent of Hondurans said they think the country is generally going in the right direction.
It's pretty tough to get into single digits. People here tend to be partisans of one of the two main parties, so even the people who voted for the president are giving him failing grades.
Though I have noticed an interesting phenomenon. People often say they support the Liberal or National party. But they rarely seem to think it would actually make much difference for the country if their side wins.
There's one big difference in the positions of Lobo and Clark. Presidents can only serve one term under the Honduran constitution. The election isn't until next fall, but the elaborate primary process is underway and it's difficult for a president to get anything done in the last 18 months of his term. (No women presidents yet. The left/reform Libre party has nominated Xiomara Castro Zelaya, wife of the Maunel Zelaya, the president deposed in the 2009 coup, but she is a long shot.)
By the end of the process, his party - National - will have a new leader for the election.
Clark, however, is 10 months away from an election. The party is in trouble in the polls, tainted by scandal and abuses and unable to convince people it actually has a vision or a plan that goes much beyond slogans. And there is the sense of desperation, which is never attractive and rarely produces sound decisions.
And Clark, who faced the huge, maybe impossible, challenge of undoing the perception of arrogance and dishonesty caused by the HST fiasco, is now actually a drag on the party's fortunes.
A new leader is always an option. But not a likely one. The obvious candidates - Kevin Falcon, George Abbott, Rich Coleman - are all associated with the Campbell government's failings. An outsider, like Surrey Mayor Diane Watts, might have a better chance.
But every potential candidate would have to look at the polls and the prospects and judge whether the election next year is winnable. There's might not much satisfaction in spending four years in opposition.


scotty on Denman said...

I agree the BC Liberals are in trouble and tainted by scandal and abuses; but I can't agree they've been unable to convince people they have a vision or a plan. Most of us in BC are thoroughly convinced this government has a vision and a plan, just not the one expressed in their slogans; rather, they have demonstrated time and again their plan of privatization of public works to achieve their vision of unfettered capitalism and their desperation, strongest among those less favoured BC Liberal supporters who realize the pork is coming to an end soon. The scramble to get their unfair share is on in earnest and everybody can finally see this government's true colours.

With the shenanigans going on around the sell-off of the Liquor Distribution Board, we can all see this corrupt government has basically thrown in the towel and is high-tailing it with as much booty as it can. Which means nobody, not even Diane Watts, will be able to redeem it.

Christy might actually find some satisfaction in Opposition. After all, she'd be the undisputed leader of her rump party, something she can't claim right now. Of course she'd have to win her own seat first.

Meanwhile, she hasn't been able to convince people she can stop the venal Campbellites from completely and permanently destroying the BC Liberal brand. Which doesn't say much good about her leadership skills.

Anonymous said...

I thought the president of Honduras, is a good friend of Harper's? Or was it the last President? I know he had, pitched a hissy fit, in one of the S.A. country's, because he didn't get his own way.

I feel very sorry for the next Premier, that has to take over this province. The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals and Harper, thieved this province blind. Harper and Campbell frantically worked, to dismantle and destroy BC, before Campbell got the boot.

The HST did a horrendous amount of damage to BC and the people. AND, the HST wasn't even on Campbell and Harper's radar. Mind you, the BCR wasn't for sale either.

Hopefully some of Harper and the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, crimes against BC, can be reversed.