Saturday, June 16, 2012

Wise words from the doctor

Dr. Jody Paterson: 'There's nothing saintly or special about social justice - it's just work.'

We're back from Honduras for a week, after five months. While it's great to see everyone, we were strongly motivated, because my partner and inspiration, Jody Paterson, was getting an honourary degree from the University of Victoria.
Yesterday was the big day, and it was a big day, from the ceremony and on through the celebrations.
The Times Colonist ran most of her speech today. I recommend it. One of the many things that make Jody such a powerful person is her consistent willingness to ignore all the problems and obstacles and just start working when something needs to be done.
As she told the convocation when talking about working for social justice, "You don't need to be a miracle worler. You just need to be the kind of person who shows up.'


RossK said...

Congratulations to all.

Having read the speech, I am sure it inspired many of the kids in the crowd, degrees in hand.

Was just a wee bit disappointed to learn, however, that they did not get to hear the accordian.

(although I'm sure there was plenty of that later!)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Dr. Jodi! And to UVIC for recognizing her worth!

Raymond Graham

Anonymous said...
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