Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Starting from scratch in Honduras

From New York Times
I wrote not long ago about the plan - or hope, anyway - for charter cities in Honduras. The idea is that all the current efforts to improve things haven't worked, so it's time to try something radical. Set aside a big chunk of land, start a new city from scratch, suspend democracy and let technocrats make the rules, with the help of a foreign government or two.
Effectively, create a brand new country within Honduras.
There are obvious perils, as I noted. But once you've lived her for a while, it's hard to dismiss the idea out of hand.
There's an interesting piece in the NYT today on the topic.

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Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

It is an idea that both makes sense and makes no sense. Done ethically, I am all for it; done unethically you get a country within a country Dracula would be at home in. As the concept proposed looks like a top down creation my bet is on the happy Dracula scenario. A bottom up such end around the state, done ethically as previously stated, sounds like the sort of place I would be happy to drink beer and raise my beer drinking children in.