Monday, August 08, 2011

Cuts to B.C. human trafficking office

The B.C. government has cut funding for an office dedicated to dealing with human trafficking.

Which does not displease Jody Paterson, who argues the money could be spent much more effectively on more pressing issues.

"We spent $2.25 million on this office in the last four years, apparently to help 100 people. It kills me to think how that money could have been used for real needs rather than for chasing ghosts.
You'd think that with all the sex workers I'd met over the years in B.C., I might have met one who'd been trafficked at some point in her life. Nope."

You can read the rest here.

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Anonymous said...


Verb: Make (someone) feel annoyed

Paul, could you clarify this for me, because I keep tripping over your wording of "Which does not displease Jody......"

"not displease" not annoyed or not dissatisfied.... which means she is in favour of the money being spent....?