Monday, July 18, 2011

So who's managing the government's HST sales job? It's a secret

Sean Holman filed an FOI to find out who was working in the government's HST sales office and managing the multimillion ad campaign to convince people to vote to keep the tax.
But the government wouldn't reveal the names of anyone, including a "special adviser" from outside government.
See his piece here.


Anonymous said...

Secrets of the HST Referendum

What the BC gov't won't tell you about the tax and who's behind the campaign pushing it.

Bill Tieleman has a similar 'issue' with the BC Liberals.

There are many things powerful people want to make sure you never know about the Harmonized Sales Tax binding referendum now underway.

What is the total budget of the pro-HST Smart Tax Alliance? $15 million?

They won't tell you. But it could be more than the $12 million the BC Liberals spent in the 2009 election. And over double the $6 million B.C.'s New Democrats spent.

That big business group is buying expensive television, print, radio and Internet advertising, paying for automated "robo" calls to millions of voters and hiring spin doctors galore.

That's on top of the more than $5 million the B.C. government is spending to promote the HST.

But you will never know what the Smart Tax Alliance spent -- because Premier Christy Clark made sure of it.

Believe it or not, there are no third party financial spending disclosure rules for this referendum. None.

Anonymous said...

The BC Liberals have been stealing from the BC people, for over ten years.Even if Christy did say the cost, it would be a lie anyway.

Campbell lied about the HST. They lied about the provincial deficit. However, the BCR wasn't for sale either.

The BC Liberals are exempt, from regulations and the law. Laws are only for, the everyday citizens. We couldn't lie and thieve a railroad nor rivers, as Campbell did. Decent people don't do what the Liberals do. It is beneath honest citizens dignity.

Campbell's theft and corrupt sale, of the BCR is heating up again. What a dirty snake pit deal, that was. Harper had better get his partner in crime, Campbell, to England asap. I don't know if Christy can beg a lift, or not.

DPL said...

The Liberals need the HST to cover some of their big expenses. I seldom go along with Les, of the T/C today but he equates the sudden reduction of the deficit to the new income they are getting from the HST, which of course we are now paying. We are so badly used by the present government ,it's only their media and PR efforts that keeps them. I notice Ida Chong has quit claiming for every meal possible so it might be a slight indication that the recall effort scared her out of her socks.