Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Globe: Firms with B.C. Liberal ties awarded secret contracts in pro-HST campaign

The Liberals bypassed normal tendering processes and its pro-HST campaign secretly arranged deals with friendly companies and a former aide to Colin Hansen, who introduced the tax as finance minister, Sean Holman reports in The Globe and Mail today.
Campaign Research Ltd., which worked on George Abbott's leadership campaign got $167,800 to conduct those town hall telephone meetings on the tax.
Backbone Technology, which has worked for the Liberal party for 10 years, got $52,747 contract to do the HST website.
And Marc Andrew, Hansen's former aide, was paid more than $33,000 to provide "political advice" to Tom Syer, the head of the HST sales campaign, and help the independent panel that assessed the tax.
None of the contracts were tendered, the normal procedure for contracts worth more than $25,000.
Holman reports the government's response.
There is a simple test of the appropriateness of these contracts.
What would Christy Clark have said if the former NDP government had done the same thing? Would she have accepted the reasons for awarding $250,000 in contracts to friends of the government without competitive bids?
Or cried foul?


Anonymous said...

They also paid thru the nose. The HST web site is a simple Wordpress site..shouldnt have cost much more than maybe $10,000, not the $52,747 these guys shovelled out to their pals.
And..how much political advice do you get for $33,000?

Anonymous said...

"...shouldnt have cost much more than maybe $10,000, not the $52,747 these guys shovelled out to their pals."

Hmm, makes one wonder what sort of political donations these BC Liberal 'pals' have made?

Anonymous said...

The BC Liberals are known for their non stop cheating, lying and deceiving. That fame, will go with them everywhere they go. The BC Liberal crime family.

Campbell twice lied to be re-elected for two different elections. The BCR wasn't for sale. The HST wasn't on Campbell and Hansen's radar. Throw in their lie about the provincial deficit. Hell, the HST was on Harper's radar as well. Harper and Campbell have a very close relationship, as we all see.

That the BC Liberals have cheated, yet AGAIN, by awarding their buddies campaign money, on the sly, is nothing new.

The BC Liberals can thieve an entire railroad, thieve our rivers, thieve a $60,000 per year salary hike. Thieve our tax dollars, to pay the two patsies who took the fall for, Campbell's theft and sale of the BCR. Force an illegal tax on the citizens. A corrupt Elections BC. We probably don't know, how many millions of dollars have been thieved, from the province and the people.

Falcon lying his face off, right on TV, is nothing new for the BC Liberals either. Use, abuse, lie, deny. That's the BC Liberals mantra.

Also, if BC wins a contract for ship building. Keep a damned close eye on that too.