Sunday, May 15, 2011

Conrad Black on the war on drugs

"Unfortunately, like archaic cultures that clung to the belief that the Earth was flat, those who support mandatory minimum sentences for drug crimes are willfully ignorant of the near universal consensus that mandatory minimum sentences are both extremely costly and ineffective."

And a joint byline with UBC's Evan Wood. Read it here.

And, loosely related, an excellent and personal argument in favour of Insite here is also worth your time.


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Pete Rose came to the same conclusions as Black when he was jailed many years ago. Our liberation from Prohibition is long overdue.

RossK said...


Are you suggesting, perhaps, that a wee bit 'o time in the gaol for a choice Minister or two might solve this problem?

All joking aside, it would appear that seeing folks as people rather than bogeymen is the real way to go.

In fact, isn't that how Nettie Wild turned Philip Owen around?


Tony Martinson said...

Ol' Connie will now be the subject of leaflets by the Christy Clark campaign.

DPL said...

I watched some of the legal arguments in front of the Canada Supreme court, on CPAC today. Joe Arvey as usual was very good. The drugs are out there, and closing Insite will only have more people die from the drugs and assorted diseases. A female Lawyer arguing on the same side as Joe( i forgot her name) was very good. The judges asked a lot of questions. Hope the results are out soon.

Anonymous said...

Christy while a talk show host advocated legal and taxed dope, but those archives have been disposed of.