Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Harry Bloy and the problem with politicians

New cabinet minister Harry Bloy's performance after the swearing in Tuesday was described as "fatuous" by Vaughn Palmer.
And it was. Bloy was taking his turn answering reporters' questions about his appointment and his new job as social development minister.
But instead of answering, he just kept repeating meaningless talking points that seemed to come from some pre-event briefing by communications staff. He looked dim, evasive and insincere.
It's wrong to single out Bloy. Politicians routinely let themselves be turned into the equivalent of Chatty Cathy dolls. No matter what the question, it's as if someone pulled a string in the back of their neck and they repeat irrelevant prerecorded messages.
I have no reason to think Bloy couldn't have answered the relatively straightforward questions. His resume is vague, even by political standards, but he's been elected three times. He should be able to deal with questions effectively.
But he didn't.
Sean Holman has the event on video here. You can decide if talking points really work politically. Or, more importantly, serve the public interest.


Norm Farrell said...

Talking points, designed to ensure party members carry a common message, sometime results in politicians looking feeble minded. Holman's question was legitimate and straight forward and Bloy did himself no favors by ignoring it to repeat the non-responsive pre-arranged line.

Additionally, the party and new Premier are demeaned. Ms. Stilwell must have had a WTF moment.

Brenton said...

Brutal responses. Maybe it's time for him to go back to Scouting.

Polo jockey said...

Guarded evasiveness and obfuscation
does that require an answer regarding what it is? I think not.
These are the obvious symptoms of broken government, and contempt for the public. Is there any doubt?
I think not.

islandpapa said...


talking about the problem with politicians, Paul, perhaps you should dig out the old file and "sink the fangs in".

Anonymous said...

Not as bad as all the headlines pointed to. I was looking for a juicy train wreck but was disappointed to only see a new minister with first day jitters. Not much different to other suits and skirts in government.