Thursday, February 03, 2011

Is the Liberal caucus chair sniping at Kevin Falcon?

The government caucus sent out a press release attacking recall efforts today that was hardly a favour to the Kevin Falcon leadership campaign.
Falcon's start in politics came as the organizer of an unsuccessful "Total Recall" campaign against the NDP in 1999. The campaign stalled, Falcon said then, because it couldn't raise enough money to launch credible efforts.
The recall effort looks much like the current version. Falcon said it was a bid to defeat the government, he defended the role of Liberals in the effort (he had done paid for work for the Liberals and campaigned) and the pro-recall forces were angry at Elections B.C.
The release is below.


For immediate release
February 3, 2011


VICTORIA – Following the resounding defeat of the NDP-backed recall in Oak Bay-Gordon Head, it’s time for NDP president Moe Sihota and his party to abandon their wasteful and dishonest attempt to manipulate recall and re-fight the last election, says BC Liberal Caucus Chair Ron Cantelon.

Elections B.C. has said that each recall attempt costs B.C. taxpayers at least $500,000 per campaign. (Vancouver Sun, Sept. 24, 2010).


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DPL said...

Cantelon and others in the Liberal party are quite afraid of being recalled. Democracy doesn't come cheap. I for one don't consider the failure to get the required numbers in Oak Bay a waste of time. Gordo pulled out after the referendum, but before leaving lowered the percentage needed to blow the HST away. Ida started showing up and actually speaking.and of course she spent a lot of her lunch money to misinform folks.
And lets not forget Falcon was trying to recall all the NDP members. The Liberals didn't seem to make an issue of costs then.

Anonymous said...

Ida Chong, stuffing her face with, $6,000 for her fine dining, made a lot of BC people angry. Thousands of BC families, don't have that much, to feed their children and themselves. Chong really deserved to be booted out.

It doesn't matter which Liberal candidate wins, none of them are any different from Campbell. They all supported, Campbell's insanity.

Elections BC, is not known for honesty. Craig James, was caught changing the wording of the recall, after the fact. $500,000 is a drop in the bucket, compared to what Campbell has thieved from this province and the people. How much did it cost for, the threatening letters James sent out to the people accused of duplicate signatures? I don't care, if the recall takes every cent. At least that money, won't go in Campbell's pocket. $6 million went to pay for the two patsies set up to take the fall, for Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR. Cry me a river, Craigie boy. Fleece your bosses pockets, he has plenty.

Anonymous said...

I guess we have heard it all. We all know, Campbell and Hansen cheated and lied, to get Campbell re-elected. I think the BC Liberals, signing up their cats, to boost their membership, shows what the Liberals really are. The cats would be an improvement.