Saturday, October 02, 2010

You've read the words, now see the pictures

If you're out and about in Victoria, consider stopping in at 2% Jazz Coffee, where I have a bunch of pictures on the wall.
Last year I set out to do 45 works on paper in 90 days, mostly as a way to get down to making art and also because the commitment discouraged over-thinking. I used moments in my life as topics.
The results - or most of them - are on the wall at 2621 Douglas (beside the Times Colonist).
Take a look. And try the great coffee and food.


Anonymous said...

You are 500 miles and a ferry ride away - any chance you could post the pictures?

Anonymous said...

RossK said...


Are they up through TGiving Weekend?


paul said...

I should have scanned as I did them; now they're in frames and behind glass. But I'll do some.

Ross K:
I expect so. I took a few in and they did a great block of them on one wall. Quite unnerving to see them all there for people to look at, actually. But it's good, for me, anyway, to be unnerved on a regular basis.

Stephanie said...

Whenever I go by that shop and see the sign "2% Jazz" it always makes me wonder what the other 98% is...