Thursday, October 28, 2010

Assembly of First Nations rejects Oppal inquiry

Shawn A-in-chut Atleo, national chief of the Assembly of First Nations, and Grand Chief Doug Kelly, chairman of the First Nations Health Council, set out the reasons they have decided that Wally Oppal is the wrong person to head the missing women inquiry and why the inquiry itself is inadequate in a piece in the Times Colonist today.

"We must turn these horrific serial murders into a full exploration of how to protect and support women, especially indigenous women," they write.
"We will be left with the most important question - why were the lives of these and so many other indigenous women in Canada not adequately supported, and how could our systems treat them, and others, as something to be thrown away, then put to the bottom of the heap in pursuing their murderers and abusers? Probably because we didn't care enough to make it different.
"We can't let that happen again. Join us in calling for a real inquiry that puts the lives of those victims at the forefront."

This is, I believe, the first time the AFN has presented its position on the inquiry.


Anonymous said...

The neutrality of the commissioner is important and we wanted to give Oppal the benefit of the doubt, even though we knew he was the attorney general who decided not to pursue the prosecutions for the other missing and murdered women. - Shawn A-in-chut Atleo and Doug Kelly

They are bigger men than I'll ever be... I would not, cannot, give Oppal the benefit of the doubt in this matter.

DPL said...

They certainly arnt alone in not wanting StoneWally

StandUpforBC said...

So, when the Inquiry commissioner gets to point in the inquiry where he needs to interview the person ultimately responsible for laying charges arising from the investigations into the Vancouver Missing Women's case, what will he do?

Will Wally look into the mirror, and ask himself questions?

This is a farce. People of BC: wake up from your brain-dead stupor.

Those who simply accept this disgraceful conduct by Gordon Campbell and Wally Oppal will have only themselves to blame when they finally realize they've been cuckolded. The definition of psychopath is someone who lacks empathy and appreciation of human or other suffering, and single-mindedly pursues their goals without conscience, acting in any manner that will achieve their ends. They have no shame.

Psychopaths are ruling BC now, elected and otherwise.