Thursday, July 15, 2010

When MLAs behave badly

A good editorial in the Times Colonist today on Ida Chong's big meal-expense claims, the NDP's refusal even to reveal how much its MLAs claim under the capital city allowance and Energy and Mines Minister Bill Bennett's substitution of abuse for discussion.


DPL said...

If a constituent want's to know how much was spent and if the MLA is NDP, just email the member and ask. . If they don't want to tell you, recall is always an option especially if they get a bit ansy . The ridings do have meetings with their members and that would be a great place to ask. If they publicly refuse, simply don't bother to support them. Remind them as well about those nice letters to the editor such as Ida got referred to today in the T/C
which reminds me. My T/C subscription just went up over four bucks for two months due to HST. Once more showing us that Hansen is full of BS as he is trying to sell the line that there would be no change. The T/C is a bit weird in that when you buy a seven day subscription you only get six days but pay for seven. No trickle down here folks.

Anonymous said...

ALL expenses should have matching receipts - anything over is THEFT.

So Ida, you got them recipes?