Thursday, July 01, 2010

An HST review worth a read

Now that you're paying the harmonized sales tax, I suggested heading over here for Sacha Peter's "spin-free discussion on HST." It's an excellent primer on the tax and its impact.

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Anonymous said...

On the first day of implementation of the HST I experienced this test of the pro-HST propaganda when it comes to businesses passing on their input tax savings and reducing reduce prices. My wife and I stopped and enjoyed two small soft ice cream cones (at an unnamed establishment). The day before the cost was $5.00 for that order, but as of July 1st the cost was $5.50. Hmmn. HST should have added only 35 cents to the cost of the two cones, not even allowing for any reduction through the largesse of the operators. Instead the price had been rounded up an extra 15 cents.

I'd like to hear how Hansen et al will spin that fact into their web of BS and deceipt.

Raymond Graham