Wednesday, March 03, 2010

This is a low point

Watch the video from, and consider if this is the response you want from those in positions of power.


candace s. said...

Thanks for spreading the word on this excellent piece by Sean Holman. I watched the video earlier and was horrified. This is the person to whom we entrust the care of vulnerable children????

She doesn't even appear to have any humanity about her. And her aide's childish taunting remark to the reporter Sean Holman was astounding. Their disdain for the public is so evident in the way they treat others.

Anonymous said...

Blowing off annoying questions may have reached a new level in this session when the above incident is seen in connection with this one

The link doesn't show the video of Falcon turning on his heel and walking out of the room, but it was broadcast on CBC Wednesday evening, and the two of these certainly establish the Liberal's attitude towards these issues.

RossK said...

Regardless Ms du Toit's demeanor, which I agree was distressing, what I found even more disturbing was the actual substance of her response.


Because, if you take her responses at face value it is extremely difficult not to conclude that she was implicitly stating that the Public Affairs Bureau has answers about the workings of her Ministry, the very Ministry that she is in charge of, that she herself, does not.


candace s. said...

Ross, I completely agree with your point.

That is why I found her manner of response so alarming.

Dawn steele said...

It was truly frightening. And the "aide" mentioned above was no aide. That was Mark Seiben, MCFD's Chief Operating Officer.

Pretty scary stuff indeed!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately not every women is blessed with the social skills of Carole Taylor and
last time I checked we didn’t hire Deputy Minister’s because of their media swagger. No question the DM has the mannerism’s rivalling that of a dead fish but in all reality Holeman knows full well he should be asking the Minister (who no doubt would be happy to talk to him) or PAB…or at the very least try to set up an official media interview with the DM.

Sean Holman said...

Anonymous...I actually completely reject that line of argument. Ms. du Toit has not been known to grant interviews - with the sole one being given to the Times Colonist. And, to be quite frank, the minister is not the one running the show. It's the deputy minister. And the fact she wasn't willing or able to respond to follow-up question concerning matters she had just spoken about in a public meeting is troubling.

Anonymous said...

nothing in her actions is in any way out of character for the bc liberal govt. how can people be so surprised?

BC Liberals Suck said...

Nothing at all surprises me about the morally and otherwise vacuous LDT. Of course she can't speak to anything, she is blissfully ignorant and unaware of what's happening in the real world. Those she has allowed to continue to surround her (she has managed to purge virtually anyone from MCFD HQ who actually knew anything, or had any integrity) simply function to shield her from the realities of the child welfare system and it's impacts on kids and families.

Sieben is but one player, but there are many who note he has has positioned himself very well from his humble beginnings as a lowly line worker. In addition to being COO he is an ADM now.

Anonymous 7:05 AM: Any DM of any Ministry better be able to speak with substance, integrity, transparency and accountability about the work they are doing/have done while sucking up vastly inflated salaries (and in LDT's case, lets not forget about her $2000 per month "living allowance" on top of her unearned salary).

This woman speaks in nonsense and circles. That speaks volumes about what she is made of. Mary Polak is cut from the same cloth. Which makes both amongst the most dangerous people in the BC government considering the most vulnerable and fragile are under their mandate. Scary stuff!

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