Friday, March 19, 2010

Taking a break

Time for a little change of pace. Blogging will be highly intermittent to non-existent for a while until we return to our regularly scheduled programming.


Leah said...

Sincerely hope you're enjoying your break can't be easy dealing with the negatives of government every day.

Make room for fun, you deserve it.

RossK said...

Mr. Willcocks may be away, but I'm pretty sure he will soon be taking an interest in the 'Casino Royale' story that Sean Holman is onto here.

My take, for anyone interested, is here.


Anonymous said...

You must be doing some soul searching,it`s difficult for someone with a respected public voice to to spoeak the truth in the face of what will be vicious recriminations from the campbell fascist regime. keep in mind that when this nightmare for common citizens is over you will at least be able to sleep at night if you show courage and speak the truth,clearly loudly and soon.the self imposed silence is starting to lift for a great many people, we have lost so much in the past horrible decade and will never recover even a fraction of our collective wealth that was given away on us but it is better to acknowledge the crime than hide in shame and not speak out.