Friday, January 22, 2010

Good news: Johns are just normal guys

"A new study out of Simon Fraser University concludes that people who buy sex are no more prone to violence than anyone else.

Fewer than two per cent of the 1,000 respondents who took part in SFU sociologist Chris Atchison's study reported ever having hit, hurt, raped or robbed the person they bought sex from."

That's the start of a column in the Times Colonist on the sex trade by Jody Paterson. Definitely worth a read here.

The comments are also great. The range of attitudes toward prostitution is enormous. And the generally civil tone is impressive.


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They only want to enjoy sex there maybe that time they not even think about being violence.

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Anonymous said...

The Toronto Star reported back in June on the recession's effect on sex trade workers - prices falling (oral sex, the most common service, plummet from $60 last fall to $20) and more requests for dangerous or unusual acts.

When the money is easy everybody is nice.