Thursday, October 15, 2009

Art and Soul: A Saturday must if you're in Victoria

I've just been helping mount some of the art for this event. It's quite powerful; you've got to see it.
Art and Soul is part of Homelessness Action Week, billed as "a special evening featuring the art and music of people who have experience homelessness."
It's a casual event at the Victoria Conservatory of Music building - 907 Pandora - to celebrate the creativity and talent of local artists you probably don't know. It's on from 7 to 10, Saturday, Oct. 17.
Admission is free. You can meet the artists and hear music by people who have known homelessness. Some works will be for sale. They'll be snacks and a little beer.
As well as the artists' works, Rev. Al Tysick has loaned some works from his collection. And there will be a slide show of the work of the late Hans Fear, a great talent.
OK, my partner is organizing the event. But really, you should see the pictures.


DPL said...

Good on Jody and the others.

Gazetteer said...

It does look great.


Do I shell out the extra 35 clams to make a Ferry reservation?

Or do we take our chances?