Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Question period morphs into Saturday Night Live

I'm watching Shirley Bond channel Tina Fey doing Sarah Palin. You too can watch question period here.


DPL said...

Watching Shirley Bond trying to dance around questions on the fact that the Federal Insfrastructure money hasn't shown was getting a bit silly. She even had Hansen handing her stuff. The woman is the transport minister and there is, as is not unusual in Gordos Cabinet, someone else who should have been answering the questions. But some of the ministers are green as grass, and one wonders why they ever got the job. Gordo as is so often the case, absent. He seems to think he is above all that part about how the Opposition is supposed to ask questions. Bond seems to think she is still the Deputy Leader and is ready to say anything to get back in Gordos good books.
The Education Minister as usual made an ass of herself regarding a school repair grant that was removed. The windows all leak so the kids will have to suck it up and maybe wear their raincoats. Hey they have a majority so we are stuck with them for awhile.

question Period with this gang is almost a Keystone Cops routine

Anonymous said...

"I'm watching Shirley Bond channel Tina Fey doing Sarah Palin. You too can watch question period here."

What a classy comment that was. You must be very proud of your "work" taking to insult this woman in such a petty manner.

This kind of low level tone I would not expect for any journalist of integrity. Shame on these types of comments. They add nothing to respectful commentary.

DPL said...

Must be a Shirly Bond fan 6:48. Even the speaker, a Liberal was doing his best not to laugh as Bond was stumbling around. But it takes all kinds of folks in a democratic system and if someone figures Shirley is the cats whiskers well so be it. She draws a pretty good salary as she reads notes handed to her by the guy next seat over. Some may find her credible, but the offer to watch question period and make up ones mind is certainly valid. I believe it was Dave Barett who make watching and recording Hansard possible. It was Campbell who extended the question period to 30 minutes much to the concern of some of his lightweight ministers

Dawn Steele said...

Actually, Paul was by no means the first to compare Bond to Palin.

There was some fawning coverage in Ms Bond's hometown newspaper likening her to our very own Sarah Palin a year ago, just before the US presidential elections when Palin's popularity was probably at its peak. This was picked up - actually it was exactly a year ago - and further discussed in The Report Card, the blog of Vancouver Sun Education reporter Janet Steffenhagen: