Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The legislature gets the weirdest yet

I have seen some bizarre times in the legislature, but Kash Heed in question period today was the strangest, weirdest spectacle. It was like SCTV's Sammy Maudlin somehow got elected. The questions were about support for abused women. The answers were all about Kash Heed.
It's towards the end of question period. You can watch it here.


Anonymous said...

Hansard blues (draft) are some sad reading -- starts after "[1410]"

DPL said...

I was watching a CPAC discussion to day. It covered items such as: Why does the voting average keep going down? Why does question period end up being a name calling event? I make it a habit to watch BC Question Period pretty well each day. If I miss part, I read it on line. Gordo sits there like some master of ceremonies as ministers who don't really seem to have a clue on their own ministry babble as the back row thumps the desks. Again today, the ex Minister of Education who sits next to the new Minister of Education keeps passing her notes and columns of figures. Easy question. The roof leaks will the minister make sure the origional funds that was removed part way through the job( a loss of around 700,000 tax payers dollars) get returned as the kids are in class between pails of water? The cabinet members seem unable to answer much of anything and are running down the clock. And for that performance they picked up a nice raise. How a ex cop who resigned to stop an investigation on himslef ever ended up as SG is beyond reason. But he fits right in with Gordo's gang

Anonymous said...

heard a clip of Kssh Heed on CBC radio the other morning.

You are so right Paul. It was completely bizarre.

He has empathy so budget cuts don't matter? huh?