Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Inside the premier's secret scrums

Wonder where those quotes from Premier Gordon Campbell you see on the news or read in the paper come from?
Often, from what press gallery types call secret scrums. Reporters are summoned to the premier's office and wait for Campbell to emerge, stand in front of flags and take questions. (Past premiers took questions in the halls whenever reporters grabbed them, providing daily access when the legislature was witting. Campbell brushes past in favour of managed conferences when he chooses.)
Sean Holman, multi-media journalist, posted a video of segment of this week's post-throne speech conference here.


DPL said...

Gordo likes to think he is a Federal leader in waiting so goes for the flags. Maybe a few cops are hiding behind the flags. The hallway is just too tacky for big shots like Gordo, at least in his mind

BC Mary said...


This is verging on creepy-scary.