Thursday, July 09, 2009

What's wrong with two-tier care?

Interesting and worrying story in the Kelowna Daily Courier.
Norm Embree, chair of the Interior Health Authority, speaks candidly about cuts to care because of inadequate funding. He should get full marks for accountability.
But read on. What's wrong with two-tier health care, he asks?
He also questions whether residential care for seniors unable to live on their own should really be a health care responsibility, which raises a lot of questions, which, hopefully, he will answer.
Read the story here.


Anonymous said...

Norm Embree speaks the truth, about Health Care, something clearly the NDP and Wilcocks are incapable of doing. Keep milking the sacred cow according to Wilcocks and forget that the system is unsustainable. Where does the money come from ? Tell us oh great know it all Paul,,,, .

DPL said...

Some of the money could come by getting rid of the highy paid health "authorities". The health costs are a fraction of what the do it yuurself system in the US of A.where there are lots of HMO's and well over 40 millions citizens with no health care at all.

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